Facilities and services

Lobby and office services

The lobby and office services of Keilalampi are carried out by Confide. The lobby service is open from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

You can contact Confide regarding the following:

  • Lobby service
  • Access keys and ID cards
  • Postage and courier services
  • Conference facility equipment
  • Foodstuffs in the break kitchens
  • Handy Man (small repairs and maintenance duties)
  • Cleaning and waste management
  • Plant care
  • Parking
  • Access control

Feel free to contact the lobby services:

Conference facilities

The conference facilities of Keilalampi are reserved for Accountor and are not available to outside parties.

Conference rooms can be reserved through the facility reservation system Meetus. User IDs, passwords and instructions for the reservation system are delivered to Accountor personnel members separately. 

In order to ensure that there are enough conference rooms for all, please try to reserve an appropriately sized room for your meeting. For short internal meetings with 2 or 3 people, you can use the mini conference rooms located in the office facilities that are not listed in the reservation system.

Please be considerate of the next user of the conference room and tidy up the room after using it: put the chairs back in their places, take out any trash, wipe the whiteboards and discard any used flip chart papers, etc. 

If you need conference equipment or more chairs in the conference room, please contact Lobby service. Do not move any chairs from one room to another.

Meeting Centre

The meeting centre located on the first floor of Keilalampi and the Plaza feature more than 20 conference rooms of different sizes, an IT training classroom and an auditorium. These facilities are meant primarily for customer meetings, training events and visitors.

The lobby of the meeting centre provides coffee and tea, as well as fruit and cookies, for meetings and visitors. Other conference catering can be ordered from restaurant Dylan.

Accountor's internal meetings

Internal meetings take place primarily in the meeting rooms located in the office facilities.


The second floor of Keilalampi features an a+lounge room suitable for internal briefings and personnel events. The lounge is an open facility with an impressive view to the sea.

The lounge has seats for approximately 70 people (table and sofa seats). You can order coffee and conference catering to the a+lounge room from Dylan.

The lounge is usually reserved for use as a break room by the Keilalampi personnel during lunch hours from 11 am to 1 pm. If you need to reserve the room for an entire day, please Contact the lobby service.

Mini conference rooms and telephone booths

For meetings with 2 or 3 people or telephone calls, the Keilalampi office facilities feature small conference rooms that are not listed in the reservation system, as well as a few telephone booths. By utilising these facilities for calls, telephone conferences and short two-person meetings, you can contribute to the availability of the larger conference facilities.

Uolevi conference room on K1 floor for common use

On the K1 floor near the Dylan restaurant there is meeting room Uolevi for 20 people. Uolevi meeting room is for common use of Keilalampi premises. You can book a room by contacting the lobby service .

Facility reservation system Meetus

Negotiation facilities are reserved through the Meetus-system. Accountor personnel will get the logins to the system automatically. You can also order conference catering from Dylan via Meetus-system. If you have any questions about the reservation booking system, please contact the lobby service.

Restaurant Dylan Keilalampi

Breakfast, lunch and snack foods. 

Dylan Keilalampi serves breakfast, lunch and snack foods on weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. Lunch is served from 10.30 am to 2.00 pm. All residents of the area are welcome to Dylan Keilalampi. The restaurant is located on the K1 floor.

Meals can be paid with cash and bank cards, as well as various mobile and paper lunch vouchers such as EazyBreak, KelpoLounas, ePassi and Edenred lunch vouchers and cards.

See the Dylan lunch menu here. You can also order the lunch menu to your e-mail address by contacting keilalampi@dylan.fi.

Conference catering 

Dylan Keilalampi delivers conference catering to all events held in the Keilalampi facilities. The catering can be ordered through the facility reservation system Meetus or by e-mail at keilalampi@dylan.fi.



The Keilalampi yard area features 10 free-of-charge parking spots for guests. Please be sure to state the registration number of your car to the Keilalampi lobby service upon your arrival. Otherwise, you may receive a parking ticket.

Accountor personnel

Accountor personnel members working in Keilalampi can park their cars free of charge on the H1 and H2 parking levels, which can be accessed with a Keilalampi access key. The parking spots are filled in the order of arrival. If the levels H1 and H2 are full, you can also park free of charge on levels P2 and P3. You can receive a parking permission by stating the registration number of your car to the Keilalampi lobby service. Please submit the registration number by e-mail to info.keilalampi@accountor.fi

Please send the following information to the lobby service:

1. Your name

2. Email address

3. Phonenumber

4. Registration number of your car

5. Cluster

Accountor personnel members who are visiting Keilalampi and do not have an access key can park free of charge on levels P2 and P3. When visiting Keilalampi, please remember to state the registration number of your car to the Keilalampi lobby service. Otherwise, you may receive a parking ticket.

Read the detailed instructions for parking here.

Car Wash

In the parking hall level H1 there is car wash Wuppe Car Services. The car wash is open on weekdays starting at 8:00 am and will be closed after the last customer of the day. Wuppe Car Services also provides small car maintenance works as tire change, windshield fix etc.


tel: 0404842886
email: wuppe@wuppe.fi
website: https://www.wuppe.fi

Flow Cafe, Game Room and sea terrace

Flow Cafe 

The Plaza features a casual break and meeting spot for Accountor personnel. The Flow Cafe personnel café serves coffee, tea and snack foods starting from 7.30 am. You can also bring your own food to the café, which has two microwave ovens for heating your own food.

Game Room

The Plaza also features a Game Room with a foosball table and a gaming console. The games can be played freely by all Accountor personnel members.

Sea terrace

The Plaza has a passageway to the Keilalampi sea terrace where you can have a coffee break on a sunny day, for example.

You can go from the sea terrace to the Keilalampi street, which is suitable for activities such as having a walking meeting. Most of the street is closed due to construction work at the Tower and the Keilalampi shore, but Accounter personnel members have access to a small portion of the street. You can arrive at the Keilalampi docks with your own boat.

Come to the Plaza or the sea terrace to enjoy yourself for a while with other Accountor personnel members. Taking a small break or having fresh air every now and then can work wonders for your productivity and energy level!

Showers, dressing rooms

Personnel showers and dressing rooms are located on the K1 floor.

The dressing rooms have lockable cabinets. The cabinets are meant for people who cycle to work or need a cabinet to hold a change of clothes for other reasons. Please contact Confide to find out if you can have access to a cabinet. The facilities also feature drying cabinets for drying towels and sports clothes.