Welcome to Keilalampi!

Keilalampi is home to the head office of Accountor Group as well as a significant part of Accountor’s functions in the Helsinki region. Keilalampi will serve as Accountor’s temporary office while the Accountor Tower is being renovated until 2020. Almost 500 Accountor personnel members are working in Keilalampi.

The heart of Keilalampi is the bright and lively
Plaza located in the centre of the property. Facilities such as Accountor’s
personnel café Flow Cafe and an auditorium are located on the Plaza. The Plaza is surrounded by Accountor’s offices on two floors.

The Dylan restaurant of Keilalampi provides the
Keilalampi personnel and other customers in the area with breakfast, lunch and
snack foods.

The lobby and office services of Keilalampi are
carried out by Confide Oy.